Tenerife Experience

Tenerife Experience is the place to find adrenaline, adventure and nature in Tenerife. With a professional certified team, whether you are a beginner or experienced sportsman/woman, you will thus be able to discover the magnificient landscapes of Tenerife. Don’t miss the chance to get an experience of a lifetime, and come with us, to fly in Tenerife blue sky or to discover the deep vertical canyons of the island.

Professional certified guides

Gear and transport included

Video and photo service



Imagine flying and soaring through the air like a bird.. Different options are available, from a basic flight of 20 min along the coast of the island to a longer one with a take off in the Teide National Parc. We fly according to your wishes, just come and fly with us and  experience the world from an amazing and exiting perspective. Once the glide is inflated and checked, fiew steps down later, you will be in the air with your instructor !


Enjoy the perfect weather conditions of Tenerife, and learn and fly almost every day ! Probably the best place in Europe  to fly from october to april thanks to a nice and warm winter. Different options are available : From a beginner course to a most advance one, theoric courses, thermaling courses, from a day course to a 3 months intense one. Equipment and gear are included. You just need to be motivated and ready to spend time learning and in a while you will be in the air flying with us.


Come and discover the deep and narrow canyons of the island.  Whether you are a beginner or an experienced sportsman/woman, you will thus be able to discover the magnificient landscapes of Canarian canyons, where cactus and pine forests grow next to one another, under the piercing eyes of eagles. Some of the canyons flow directly into the Atlantic Ocean. Different canyons are available, aquatic or dry ones, vertical and playful, half day one or day long canyoning trips.